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Sinoglade, founded in Beijing in 2016, brings a clearing in the thick of Chinese and Sino-European business and academic research relations. Through its pool of collaborators, it is specialized in consulting/advising Chinese companies to become international and European companies to enter Chinese markets.


Just as a glade is a clearing in a dense treescape, Sinoglade offers an open path through the complexity of the Chinese business environment. Thanks to a very multicultural team experienced in the Chinese, Swiss, French and European environments, our company has established a record of efficient facilitation, support, organisation and creation in fields as varied as corporate internationalisation, market entry, events and conference set ups, as well as translation and interpretation services at the highest level, deserving the label of transcreation.


Not just to language's localization and furthermore industry, culture, education, and technology's internationalization.


Based both in China and in Switzerland, Sinoglade has established partnerships with experts, advisors, companies and institutions in Asia and in Europe and benefits from extensive networks that enable it to meet the demands of business partners wishing to develop activities in a Sino-European context.


Sinoglade offers not only language services but also a platform for Sino-European cooperation in the fields of culture, education, science and technology. It is committed to completing each project with the "Chinese speed plus Swiss quality" to satisfy the partners' needs, and to help the program or company grow better.


Young but Proficient!


Since its inception in 2017, Sinoglade has gradually developed into an significant bridge for exchanges in various fields between China and Europe. It was well received by its customers for the high performance. As a young, ambitious and experienced business, we are proud of our achievements but remain focused on new challenges and opportunities. We value each and every partner, new and old, and take its interests at heart as its goal becomes our ambition.


Welcome to our bright clearing in the thick of Sino-European relations!


Welcome to Sinoglade!










-- Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel

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