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It has been entrusted by a number of regional governments and leading companies in China to build up their international image as well as establishing connections with European companies and associations. The founder Ms Li Hongyu herself has worked together with partners for years also to help European experts/companies to open market and build up influence in China. Business domain covers industrial-real estate, 3D printing, urbanization, entertainment, etc.Sinoglade is also specialized in conference and business event set up, organization and management. Networked in China and in Europe with a focus on Switzerland, it brings in high-level speakers and lecturers, experts and moderators. It facilitates mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and various business contacts. It offers intercultural and international consulting services, business development and communication advice, negotiation support and bespoke mission and travel arrangements. It also specializes in professional translation and interpretation services as well as editing and publishing support.

公司 被多个中国区域性政府和领头企业委托,为其打造国际形 象同时与欧洲企业、组织建立联系。公司创办人李女士和 她的合作伙伴也已苦耕数年,帮助欧洲专家、公司在中国 打通市场,提升影响力。其商业领域覆盖工业房地产、3D 打印技术、城市化服务、娱乐服务等。森格涞得国际咨询 有限公司同时专注于大型国际会议,商务活动,企业组织 及中外管理团队的建立与合作。该公司国际关系网络活动 以中国,欧洲为主,专注于瑞士,与高水平演讲嘉宾、学 者、专家、以及商业楷模展开过合作。公司协助中欧双方 企业实现国际并购重组,成立合资公司以及建立各类丰富 的商业联系,为客户提供高端跨文化、跨国际的咨询服务, 商务拓展,沟通服务,商务谈判支持以及高端商务/休闲 旅行支持。公司同时为客户提供各类高端口译、专业笔译 服务和编辑出版支持服务。


Before the establishment of her own company, she has worked together with partners for years to help European experts and companies to open markets and build up influence in China. Business domains cover industrial real - estate, 3D printing, urbanization, entertainment, etc. She and her company are also serving as an international consultant for Hebei Publishing Group, Zhongyehuigu Group, CMA Group, Elion Group etc.

She used to work at the World Economic Forum, perfectly adapting to the fast - changing multinational working environment with established competence in cross - culture communication. She was the director of business development in Asia for Cavendish Media Group from early 2016 to late 2017, for which she established a wide Chinese network. In 2013 - 2014, she acted as the director of the overseas department of Fargo Fortune, a Chinese private corporate company, where she demonstrated her ability of effective networking in the Western market. She also worked as the PR director of the 3D printing platform, also a European originated company establishing presence in Chinese markets. All stakeholders acknowledged not only her marketing skills but also the social impact attained.

Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, M s Li Hongyu has established a private training school in Jilin City providing English, Chinese, History courses and all other subjects that serve purposes for the college entrance examination in China. The school ran for 3 year s and has helped many students in need.

M s Li Hongyu is a professional and successful event organizer. Together with different organizations, she has held a number of high - level international events, such as the 2017 Hebei - Switzerland Innovation Summit, 2 016; Global Investment Summit European Section, 2015 and 2016 International Capital Conference, etc. All had a very positive feedback and influence on a regional or national level; above all, achievements boosted the collaboration between Chinese and Europ ean stakeholders.