Sinoglade, founded in Beijing in 2016, brings a clearing in the thick of Chinese and Sino-European business and education relations. Through its pool of collaborators and advisers, Sinoglade is specialized in consulting and advising Chinese companies to become international and European companies to enter Chinese markets. It has been entrusted by a number of regional governments and leading companies in China to build up their international image as well as establish connections with European companies and associations. Sinoglade also specialized in event and conference organization, moderation and interpretation. It initiates and organizes field trips and visits in Switzerland, particularly in the fields of education, health and wellness as well as company meetings and leisure.


OUR chairman
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Upon completing his mission as Ambassador of Switzerland to The People’s Republic of China, The Republic of Mongolia and The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel joined Sinoglade as Chairman of the company.
An economist with a Ph.D. in International Relations, he served in Vienna, Washington, Canberra and as Ambassador at The OIF, Belgium, NATO, UNESCO, Paris as well as The DFA in Bern.
A widely published author, frequent lectures with an entrepreneurial mindset, Dr. JJ de Dardel is versed in intercultural interaction, The arts and public diplomacy.
He serves as Chairman, adviser and Board member of a number of companies and associations.





Ms. Li Hongyu is the founder and CEO of Sinoglade International Consulting Co. Ltd, a young entrepreneur who established her own company in 2016 for International business consultancy and event organizing, a multifunctional platform for business cooperation activities between China and Europe. Actively helping International companies form joint ventures and partnerships with, she initiated collaborative mechanisms, business development strategies, and business-related events and conferences.
Before the establishment of her own company, she has worked together with partners for years to help European experts and companies to open markets and build up influence in China. Business domains cover industrial real-estate, 3D printing, urbanization, health industries entertainment, etc.
She and her company are also serving as an international consultant for Hormeta, MYT Group, Hebei Publishing Group, Zhongway Group, CMA Group, Efusion Group, Elion Group, JMC Group, etc. Many of them have established a joint venture, partnership with Chinese or European companies.

在成立公司之前,李女士多年来一直与合作伙伴共同帮助欧洲专家和公司开拓中国市场,并在中国建立关系网并为其扩大影响力。她的业务涵盖工业房地产、3D 印刷、城市化、娱乐等领域,并担任Hormeta集团、MYT集团、河北出版集团、中业慧谷集团、CMA 集团、 Efusion 集团、Elion集团、JMC集团等公司或集团的国际顾问。