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On April 29, a memorandum of understanding on cooperation under the "Belt and Road" initiative was signed by China and Switzerland, with a cooperation platform established in Geneva. Switzerland is the third important European country to join BRI in the last two months after Italy and Luxembourg.


The memorandum is about jointly formulating relevant regulations on cooperation between the two countries in third-party markets to enable both sides to strengthen the cooperation of trade, investment and project financing in third-party markets.


The move to join the Belt and Road Initiative is not only a continuation of the friendly relations between the two countries, but also a contribution to the development of the next and next generation. Ueli Maurer, the President of the Swiss Confederation, expressed "Swiss willingness to give humble effort in this regard".


Under the bright prospect of Sino-Swiss relations and the support of many favorable policies, Sinoglade, as a bridge between China and Switzerland and Europe, hopes to introduce Swiss experience, skills, capital, and Swiss people's world-renowned spirit of innovation and the heart of a craftsman who strives for perfection to China.


Sinoglade will continue to play the role of a bridge and link to further deepen the economic and trade development and cooperation between China and Switzerland. It will introduce more Swiss and European enterprises to China to expand the development of trade, and to promote the in-depth contacts on economy and culture.


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