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Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel officially becomes the chairman of Sinoglade International Consulting


Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, former Swiss Ambassador to China, assumes the position of Chairman of Beijing Sinoglade International Consulting Co., Ltd. on April 1st to continue his contribution to promoting the political, economic and cultural exchanges between China and Switzerland.


从2014年初到2019年3月,戴尚贤博士担任瑞士驻中华人民共和国大使,蒙古共和国和驻北京的朝鲜民主主义人民共和国大使。 因此,他领导了瑞士最大的外交使团和海外领事建立中瑞各领域的合作网络。

From the beginning of 2014 to March 2019, Dr. de Dardel has served as the Ambassador of Switzerland to the People’s Republic of China, to the Republic of Mongolia, and to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. As such, he led the largest Swiss diplomatic mission and consular network abroad, actively promoting a network of cooperation between China and Switzerland in various fields.


Dr. de Dardel has greatly contributed to the Sino-Swiss relationship in politics, economy and culture during his tenure.


In March 2019, Dr. de Dardel retired after a successful career. He applied the metaphor of caterpillars growing into butterflies to his own experience as the Swiss ambassador to China moving on to further contribute to deepening Sino-Swiss relations. This will include introducing more top Swiss enterprises and innovationspirit into China.



Sinoglade focuses on the business development of China-Europe and China-Switzerland. It has brought various Swiss brands to the Chinese market and assisted Swiss SMEs to settle down in China with their impactful programs. Sinoglade has also successfully hosted and co-organized several international summits.


Dr. de Dardel believes that what Sinoglade has done coincides with what he has been working on building new bridges for Sino-Swiss business development. Therefore, Dr. de Dardel has decided to bring in his prestigious diplomatic experience by officially joining Sinoglade to continue promoting Sino-European cooperation in various fields and industries.



Dr. de Dardel has drawn a blueprint for Sinoglade. The business development of Sinoglade will focus more on high-tech, new energy, health, green tech fields andothers to bring more Swiss and European brands into the Chinese market. It will concentrate on assisting Swiss and European enterprises to establish partnerships with Chinese enterprises. Simultaneously, it will assist Chinese enterprises in Europe based on a strong European network and help them perfect their international image so as to promote their stable development.


Bespoke professional advice will be proposed by the Chairman and his experienced team and Sinoglade will offer a wide range of practical services. Chinese companies will get support to establish fruitful business relations with European enterprises. As well, Sinoglade will support Swiss and other foreign companies injecting new vitality into the Chinese market.


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