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Sinoglade, founded in Beijing in 2016 by Ms Li Hongyu, brings a clearing in the thick of Chinese and Sino-European business and academic research relations. 


Through its pool of collaborators, it is specialized in consulting/advising Chinese companies to become international and European companies to enter the Chinese market. 


It has been entrusted by a number of regional governments and leading companies in China to build up their international image as well as establishing connections with European companies and associations. Sinoglade is also specialized in conference and business event set up, organization and management. Networked in China and in Europe with a focus on Switzerland, it brings in high-level speakers and lecturers, experts and moderators.


2017 Switzerland-China (Hebei) Innovation Summit

 It facilitates mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and various business contacts. It offers intercultural and international consulting services, business development and communication advice, negotiation support and bespoke mission and travel arrangements. 


Strategic partnerships between Swiss and Chinese enterprises

It also specializes in professional translation and interpretation services as well as editing and publishing support. 


Sinoglade will keep you company on your way from or to China.


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