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Venture Leaders Roadshow at the Embassy of Switzerland in China


2018年9月17日晚,由瑞士驻华大使馆和Venture Leaders联合举办的‘Venture Leaders之夜’活动在瑞士驻华大使馆成功举办,北京森格涞得国际咨询有限公司作为赞助商受邀参加。

On the evening of September 17, 2018, the ‘Venture Leaders Night’ event, jointly organized by the Swiss Embassy in China and Venture Leaders, was successfully held at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing. Beijing Sinoglade International Consulting Co.Ltd was invited as a sponsor.


The exchange invited ten founders of the greatest start-ups to introduce the innovative products, development status and future development goals, and they also expressed the desire to cooperate with Chinese companies and enter Chinese markets. The site also provided a Swiss start-up magazine for the guests, which was provided an entire translation and production service by Sinoglade, and was printed by Zhongway. It introduces the professional fields, innovative products and development prospects of the top 100 Swiss start-ups, with a focus on the ten best start-ups.


In the beginning, Mr.Jean-Jacques de Dardel, the Swiss Ambassador to China, delivered an important speech, looking forward to the development of China and Switzerland, as well as China and Europe, and presented a good blueprint for future cooperation and development for outstanding Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. He was full of expectations for the cooperation between these innovative companies and China's outstanding enterprises and later invited ten founders of the start-ups to take the stage.

这十位参加路演的优秀初创企业分别是Cellestia, DistalMotion, Fixposition, Foldaway, GRZ, InterAx 生物科技, Nomoko, RetinAl, Simplicity和Topadur。他们大都涉及不同的专业领域,带来了与众不同的新科技。每一位企业家都认真介绍了各自的企业品牌,创新产品和公司发展光明前景。他们的创新实力,优秀产品和坚定的信心赢得了来宾热烈的掌声。

The ten start-ups are Cellestia, DistalMotion, Fixposition, Foldaway, GRZ, InterAx Biotech, Nomoko, RetinAl, Simplicity and Topadur, focuse on different fields and bring new advanced technologies. Every entrepreneur had carefully introduced their brands and innovative products, foreshadowing the bright future of companies. Their innovative strength, excellent products and firm confidence have won warm applause from the guests.

‘Venture Leaders之夜’为来宾介绍瑞士优秀初创企业,促进中瑞企业家的交流,加深双方的了解,有利于开展进一步的合作,推动中瑞企业合作发展。森格涞得在这次活动中扮演了一个纽带的角色,积极连接中瑞双方先进创新企业,为中瑞合作发展提供合作空间,为了更好的未来前景而努力。

‘Venture Leaders Night’ introduces Swiss outstanding start-ups, promotes exchanges between Chinese and Swiss entrepreneurs, deepens mutual understanding, facilitates further cooperation, and promotes cooperation between Chinese and Swiss companies. Sinoglade served as more than a link between the brilliant start-ups in two countries, attempting to achieve a better development.

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